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Who we are

Shelter with spirit works in partnership with other Central Texas non profits to provide grants for shelter renovation projects, which will enable families in need to avail themselves of green building technology.

Celebrating our 17th Year in support of affordable and sustainable housing.

What our charitable purpose is

Our organization's charitable purpose is stated in the articles of incorporation as follows, "to partner with non profit organizations which provide shelter construction and renovation for the economically disadvantaged, to provide design and construction solutions grounded in green building technology, and informed by contemporary architectural paradigms."

Some examples of how Shelter with spirit helps families

We work with other non profits in identifying and helping families who are interested in using green building technology, and who want to use green building materials as part of a healthier and more socially responsible lifestyle.

For example, a family with small children might want to limit their children's exposure to chemicals in the home, so they may ask for help in purchasing low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints.

A family of older adults may be interested in receiving help with energy conserving technology, which would lower their home's monthly utility expense.   An example might be an upgrade to a more energy efficient heat and air unit; another low cost option would be to install ceiling fans in the living and bedroom areas.

Where Shelter with spirit is helping families

Our organization works with families in the Central Texas area, and primarily in the community of Austin, Texas.

Make a Donation   The City of Austin has been a leader in progressive, socially conscious programs, like Austin Energy's "Green Builder" program, and also the City's "Xersicape" program which promotes the use of drought tolerant landscaping.

The people behind this organization

Shelter with spirit was founded in 2005 by Gary and Linda Citron. Gary and Linda have been long standing patrons of the exemplary work of the "Rural Studio," which is an architectural outreach program run by Auburn University.

The success of the Rural Studio inspired them to do something extraordinary in Central Texas, to create choices in shelter renovation for the economically disadvantaged, which not only incorporate green building materials, but also seek
to infuse projects with a bold aesthetic.

Ways to help our organization

Shelter with spirit is an exempt organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Contributions to Shelter with spirit are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

We are always grateful for your help with our mission...please send your donation, preferably by check, to
Shelter with spirit, 12044 Battle Bridge Drive, Austin, TX 78748-1949.

Please visit our website regularly for updates on our progress. If you wish to contact SWS, please note the
following contact information:

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